Why are 60% size mechanical keyboards so special and popular

Why are 60% size mechanical keyboards so special and popular ? Let me explain it to you today! Many people wonder why some people prefer non-full-size mechanical keyboards rather than full-size mechanical keyboards. Obviously the first one reason is that 60% size keyboards is small enough,so we can easily carry it anytime . At the […]

Advantages of playing games with a mechanical keyboard

There is no doubt that keyboard plays a very important role while playing computer games. What keyboard you use always decides how your gaming experiences is.As we all know,many people always use the mechanical keyboard to play games.But do you know the reason why they like the game mechanical keyboard?Let me tell you. Firstly,we should […]

How To Choose The Mechanical Keyboard switchs

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The mechanical keyboard is currently the most popular code word device and is also the standard product for many gamers and office workers. However, the mechanical keyboard is divided into different switches, and it has to be said that it is dazzling to select those who have not used the mechanical keyboard. The difference in […]

Is a Mechanical Keyboard Good For Playing Games?

Is a Mechanical Keyboard Good For Playing Games?Friends who play the game know that in the game, hand speed, reflection, judgment, including layout and coordination ability are very important. However, if your technology meets the standard, but does not have a good peripheral equipment, it will directly affect your performance.Therefore, winning or losing a game […]