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Is a Mechanical Keyboard Good For Playing Games?

Is a Mechanical Keyboard Good For Playing Games?
Friends who play the game know that in the game, hand speed, reflection, judgment, including layout and coordination ability are very important. However, if your technology meets the standard, but does not have a good peripheral equipment, it will directly affect your performance.
Therefore, winning or losing a game requires not only diligently practicing to improve the competitive level, but also needs to have a powerful set of peripheral equipment to assist us in the operation.

First: Everyone knows that there will be several commonly used keys during the game, such as WASD, QWER, etc. If the regular keyboard is often used, it will reduce sensitivity and malfunction, affecting operation. However, the mechanical keyboard does not, it is characterized by long service life and high sensitivity. Under normal circumstances, there will be no change in the hand feeling after 5 to 7 years of use.

Second: The key cap material of the mechanical keyboard generally adopts hard, non-deformable PBT. Although the cost is expensive, it is wear-resistant and oil-resistant. This is also one of the reasons for maintaining the feel and extending the service life.

Third: Some key combinations are often used when playing games. When you issue the ultimate skill, you need to hold down multiple keys at the same time, which is extremely demanding on the keyboard. If it is an ordinary keyboard, there will be various problems such as jams or key conflicts, but the built-in key less function of the mechanical keyboard can solve this problem well, so that you have no worries.

Fourth: The mechanical keyboard has many kinds of switches, such as blue, brown, red, black, white, etc. The pressure grams and paragraph sense of each switch are different, according to the feel, sound, strength of the hand, etc. Come to choose, find the switch that suits you best, and make the game process easier.
These are some of the superiority of using a mechanical keyboard.

If you ask me, can a mechanical keyboard improve your game performance? I can guarantee this. All the qualities of these mechanical keyboards can make us feel comfortable and happy during the game, so as to maximize our technical level and reduce misuse.

For my personal experience, the biggest difference between the mechanical keyboard and the membrane keyboard is that when used for a long time, due to the structure, the membrane keyboard will make you feel like your finger is broken and lose consciousness. The mechanical keyboard does not feel this way
Therefore, the mechanical keyboard is indeed beneficial to our games, which is why more people choose to use the mechanical keyboard.
At the same time, it has to be said that for computer peripheral equipment, the mechanical keyboard is indeed the treasure that e-sports players hold in their hands.

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