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How Long Can A Mechanical Keyboard Last?

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The length of use of the mechanical keyboard has a certain relationship with the frequency of use. According to the report given by Cherry in Germany, the life of a button is about 30 million times. In other words, if you type 1w words every day, you can use it for ten years.

However, the mechanical keyboard cannot be exposed to water, otherwise it will easily break. This is because the key trigger mechanism (that is, the mechanical shaft) of the mechanical keyboard is directly welded on the circuit board, and all the circuit boards are exposed. Once it touches water, it is easy to short circuit.

Excluding the above reasons, it affects the service life of the mechanical keyboard and the quality of the keycaps. Generally, the keycaps will wear out over time. In this case, you can replace the keycaps for the keyboard, and replacing the new keycaps is equivalent to replacing a new keyboard.

Now the keyboard generally adopts the raised keycap structure, which is conducive to cleaning dust, but some mechanical keyboards cannot avoid the problem of dust accumulation. This situation can only be cleared by drawing a sword. Because the keyboard looks very clean, if there is dust inside the shaft, it will also affect the feel of the keyboard, such as slow rebound after pressing it.

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