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Keycap Height

Pudding 108 Keys -2

A set of keycaps with ergonomics, the height of each row of keycaps is different (except for XDA, DSA type flat chest keycaps).

The height of each row is divided into 4 heights R1-R4 from short to high (very few also have R5 height such as RACE2):

R1: The height of R1 refers to the height of the row of Ctrl Win spaces and the row of keycaps of Shift Z-?
R2: R2 height refers to the height of the keycap A-‘
R3: R3 height refers to the height of this row of keycaps Q-]
R4: R4 height refers to the height of the row of keycaps in the ~- number and Esc – F area
The height of each row of keycaps, as well as the inclination and inclination direction of the surface of the keycaps are different, which makes the user’s hands more comfortable during typing.

In addition to the different heights of a set of keycaps, different types of keycaps have different heights. Common keycap types and their heights are as follows:

The original height, the original refers to Cherry. Factory height keycaps means the keycap height is the same as Cherry’s usual keycaps.

OEM height, OEM is an abbreviation for OEM. It means non-original production. In the field of mechanical keyboard keycaps, it refers to the keycaps of the foundry that are one layer higher than the keycaps produced by the original factory (originating in Germany).

SA high ball cap, first of all, we need to distinguish the difference between the ball cap and the ordinary keycap; secondly, the high ball is a ball cap with a higher height, and there are also four different heights of R1-R4.

The DSA short ball cap, as the name suggests, is a ball cap with a shorter height (commonly known as a flat chest), but the difference is that there is no difference in the overall height of the DSA.

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