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The Difference Between Hot Plug and Plug Shaft

The welding version is the conventional practice. The shaft body is directly welded on the circuit board, which is more stable and can ensure the feel, but the later DIY transformation is relatively difficult. The hot-swap version is that each axis is made into a unit that can be easily disassembled and replaced , In this way, the shaft structure of the entire keyboard has become a modular style, which can be directly plugged and replaced, and the playability is relatively high, but the workmanship requirements are very high, and it is difficult to ensure stability and feel. As for the specific shaft, It is very likely that the core parts are exactly the same, and the hot-swappable version is just a slight modification of the base of the soldered version, which is convenient for plugging and unplugging.

Hot-swappable shafts for mechanical keyboards
Hot-swap shafts generally have hot-swap terminals, which can be integrated on the PCB, or you can purchase accessories separately to DIY on the shaft or PCB. This has nothing to do with the three-pin or five-pin shaft, mainly to realize the shaft body in the practical process. The plug-in function at any time is similar to the hot-plug effect of the USB port.

Fully pluggable custom shaft mechanical keyboard, the shaft seat hot-swappable shaft seat is compatible with three-pin and five-pin mechanical shafts, the most popular mechanical shafts on the market can basically be installed, and there is no need to go to great lengths to disassemble the keyboard, weld The shaft is so troublesome. Align the pin position and press it lightly to install it, and the first layer of the keyboard is a steel plate, and there is a thick layer of silica gel under the steel plate, so there is no need to worry about the stability of the shaft. This board can basically restore the feel of the shaft body stably.

What is the difference between hot-plug and non-hot-plug?
That is, the hot-plug function allows users to take out and replace damaged hard disks, power supplies or boards and other components without shutting down the system or cutting off the power supply, thereby improving the system’s ability to recover from disasters in a timely manner and scalability. For example, some disk mirroring systems for high-end applications can provide hot-plugging of disks. Forced hot-plugging of non-hot-pluggable devices will cause permanent damage

What does plug shaft mean?
Hello! The so-called plug-in axis means that your axis body can be changed according to your own needs. Simply put, you can feel the feeling of several axis bodies on one keyboard at the same time. You can replace the direction keys with the tea axis, You can also replace the high-density use keys with black switches, etc. As long as you are happy. In this way, you can feel the feeling of different shafts for reference when choosing a mechanical keyboard in the future.

What are the disadvantages of hot-swappable mechanical keyboards?
Mechanical keyboards mostly use usb interfaces. This type of interface supports hot-plugging, so you can plug and unplug without any drawbacks. Hot-plugging is an important part of power supply design. In the application system with a fault-tolerant power supply structure, hot-plugging The unplugging function needs to meet the requirements of zero downtime. During the hot-plugging process, the hot-plugging function should avoid obvious fluctuations in voltage and current. Extended information: In the early days of keyboards, mechanical keyboards have appeared. It has experienced a boom period. For example, the early server was equipped with a mechanical keyboard. Later, it was quickly replaced by a cheap and good-quality membrane keyboard, but the mechanical keyboard did not disappear. It has developed to this day as a representative of high-end products, and the mechanical keyboard itself is characterized by inability to Submerged. So when the mechanical keyboard has experienced the rise and fall, the current situation is that more and more computer users and gamers put forward higher requirements for the comfort, feel and quality of the computer. Reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia -mechanical keyboard

What are cold plug and hot plug?
Cold plugging can only be done when the power is off, such as the graphics card in the host computer, and hot plugging can be safely operated even when the power is on, such as U disks, headphones, these things can be plugged and unplugged when they are powered on.

What does hot plugging mean? What does not hot plugging mean? Which ones can be hot plugging?
Hello! Computers also have hot swapping. Hot swapping (Hot swapping or Hot plugging) means “hot swapping”, which means that hardware can be plugged in or unplugged while the computer is running. With appropriate software, it can be used without turning off the power. Inserting or unplugging peripheral devices that support hot-plugging without causing the host or peripheral devices to burn and can detect and run new devices in real time. Compared with plug-and-play (Plug-and-Play), the The requirements of software and hardware also include the contact sequence of power supply, signal and ground wire.

What is Hot Plugging? Which Interfaces Support Hot Plugging?
To put it bluntly, hot swap means live plugging and unplugging, which is typically a USB device. The reason is that the USB interface is dead with the cable, two short and two long, the short one is the power cable, and the long one is the data cable. Data cable, so it can be hot-swapped. In fact, not only USB devices, including your secondary hard disk, optical drive can be hot-swappable, but be sure to unplug the power cable and then unplug the data cable when you are not reading or writing the disk. On the contrary, plug in the data first and then the power. Here I am talking about the IDE hard disk. As for the SATA hard disk, I have not tried it. Hehe, whoever has the conditions to try it, come back and tell me here, I would be very grateful!

There is a difference between the life of plugging and the plugging force
The number of times of plugging and unplugging is only recognized by the industry. It seems that there is no national standard. The test standard is there. The commonly used EIA-364 head is 240 times/min, the impact is 1000 times, the socket is 10 times/min, and the impact is 750 times. Insertion force, pull-out force All at 10mm/s.

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