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Kemove K68 a Keyboard with Customizable Lighting

I believe that many people buy mechanical keyboards, not only like the feel of the mechanical keyboard, but also like the cool lights on the keyboard. In addition to several lights set by itself, Kemove K68 also supports custom lights. Come and set the look to your liking.

Open the keyboard driver and select the “Lighting Settings” module, there are “Onboard Lighting” and “Custom Lighting” on the right side of the driver interface.

  1. On-board lighting: The default lighting effects built into the system, there are 10 types of lights in total, which cannot be changed.
  2. Custom Lighting:
    1) In the keyboard area, click and drag the left mouse button to select multiple keys that need to be adjusted at the same time;
    2) After the box is selected, the palette will automatically pop up; left-click the color to be changed, and the modification can be successful;
    3) Right-click in the blank space in the “Custom Lighting” section to pop up a dialog box;
    4) In the dialog box, left-click and right-click “+Add Lighting Effect”;
    5) Right-click on the newly added “Lighting Effect” on the right to pop up a dialog box;
    6) In the dialog box, click “Save to Custom Mode” with the left mouse button, that is, the lighting effect is successfully added.
    (*After that, you can quickly switch custom lights on the keyboard through the “Fn+]}” function key combination)

Come and activate your brain and set up a unique keyboard lighting.

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