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The Difference Between the Old and New Driver Versions of Kemove DK61

Many people who have purchased the keyboard may not be able to tell the difference between the two and download the wrong driver after receiving it. The following article can quickly help you distinguish:

  1. Product packaging: the old version of the packaging has a big windmill logo on it, and the new version has the kemoce logo on it.
  2. The old version’s built-in manual was a card, the new version’s manual is a booklet with the Kemove logo on it.
  3. The old version of the sn code has the letter Z or Y in it, and the new version of the sn code is mostly C.
  4. The old version of the keycap uses a laser engraving process, and the new version of the keycap has a side engraved silk screen.
  5. The old version of the keyboard has more than 13 types of lighting effects and there are constant lighting effects with four letters of wasd in the lighting effects. The new version has 19 lighting effects.
  6. The switch body of the old version is triangular, and the switch body of the new version is pentagonal.

After you have judged your keyboard version, you can download the driver version corresponding to the keyboard you purchased through the link below.
Here is our video explanation:

If you have any questions, you can email: customer@kmovetech.com.

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