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What are the advantages of mechanical keyboards over ordinary keyboards?

On the whole, the mechanical keyboard does not have any absolute advantages. The manufacturing cost is higher than that of the thin-film hard disk, and the price must be higher. It is also suitable for those who play games and type all day long because of its own characteristics. , so it has become a quasi-fever product.

1.Tapping feels better

Mechanical keyboards are suitable for playing games and typing, because there are multiple axes to choose from to match your favorite feel, which is an improvement compared to the stereotyped feel of membrane keyboards. In terms of feel, it is mainly divided into linear axis and paragraph axis. Among them, the paragraph axis is represented by the green axis, which has the strongest paragraph sense, the loudest click sound, and the strongest mechanical sense. It is the representative axis of the mechanical keyboard. It needs to be pressed down 2.4mm to trigger. The typing rhythm is full, but the sound is louder. , relatively noisy.
A linear axis is represented as the red axis. The feel of the red shaft is relatively light. There is no sense of paragraph when tapping, straight up and down, the trigger key travel is also 2.0mm, it is easier to tap, and it can well take into account the needs of games and typing. What is more worth mentioning is the KEMOVE K68 Angel mechanical keyboard. Because the K68 not only has a superb hand feeling experience, but also pays great attention to the design of the appearance, just like the picture shows, like a beautiful angel.

2.The keycap key shaft is damaged and easy to replace

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The advantages of mechanical keyboards over ordinary keyboards are that such high-frequency keyboards are prone to damage. When a mechanical keyboard is damaged, it can be repaired with a single key, so that there will be no inconsistency between the local feel and the overall feel. This is also a mechanical keyboard. One of the biggest advantages over membrane keyboards.
People who like to play games must know that the Q, W, E, R and other keys on the keyboard are used very frequently. Keycaps, will not affect the long-term use of the keyboard. In this regard, the mechanical keyboard of KEMOVE K68 Angel supports 50 million clicks, which once again improves the service life of the mechanical keyboard in terms of quality.

3.Cooler lighting effects

In terms of keyboard backlighting, mechanical keyboards have more possibilities than membrane keyboards. Take the KEMOVE K68 Angel as an example, you can set the backlight color you want through the Kemove Control Hub. Then set the corresponding color change rhythm and change mode, and cooperate with the music rhythm function to make your desk space more dynamic, and I believe that work will also become more enjoyable.
If you have fallen in love with this KEMOVE K68 angel mechanical keyboard unconsciously in understanding the advantages of mechanical keyboards over ordinary keyboards, then I suggest you buy one and try it because of its feel, appearance and cool lighting It will definitely not let you down.
Through the following, you can learn more about the features of the KEMOVE K68 Angel mechanical keyboard:
Sito Officiale: https://www.kemove.com/
Kemove K68 Angel mechanical
keyboard: https://www.kemove.com/product/k68/
keyboard: https://www.kemove.com/product/k68/

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