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Mold Removal: Not As Easy As It Sounds

Mold and Mildew are fuzzy microscopic organisms that thrive in highly humid environment. Both microorganisms play a vital role in the ecosystem. They aid in the decaying of leaves which is responsible for the enrichment or fertilization of the soil. When mold is of great help to nature, it is however a problem in the households and poses a great threat to our health. Mold and mildew, though minute they are, can cause massive devastation in your household especially when left unaided. Both reproduce by means of spores that are spread airborne. At an early stage, mold and mildew grow on organic materials such as wooden furniture, ceiling tiles, papers and card boards, foods, house wadding, walls, and carpets and the likes. Mold colonies can start to proliferate within 24 to 48 hours of water exposure. As the molds grow, they destroy the material on which they are thriving and then open out to the adjacent part and continue to destroy the material until it is fully covered by these rudiments. Not only that they can destroy the structural component of your house, but mold can also pause as a health hazard as they can cause mild and severe infirmity.

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Molds are a thing of nature. So how does a mold get into your house? Mold and mildew start to proliferate if your house has water damage brought about by flood, leaks on the roof and water pipe lines, a basement that is damp, when there is less ventilation inside the house, a sink or a bathtub overflow, and some sewage back-ups especially in frequently flooded areas. Molds continue to grow fast as long as there’s moisture. When left alone, it can be inhaled and touched and cause allergic reactions such as sneezing, wheezing, fever, irritations of the nose and throat, reddened eyes, headache, easy fatigability and skin redness especially to those highly sensitive individuals. There are also studies that show that molds can cause asthma attacks to individuals who are sensitized by it. Molds can also cause reactions to people who are non-allergic to the microorganism. It can also cause infections to an immuno-compromised host. If you have mold infestation in your home that is too much to handle, let the experts in mold testing and mold removal do the job.

QCI have professional team who are experts in their field of mold remediation. Initially, a visual mold inspection is done to provide evidence of the initial finding as well as to develop supposition as to what have caused the mold infestation. The inspectors of QCI develop a mold testing plan to determine what type of mold has contaminated your household whether it is a black mold or a toxic mold and the extent and activity of the plague. Mold testing usually includes, air sampling, swabbing or taping of the mold samples and measuring the humidity within the building. Initial mold testing serves as a basis for the success of the mold removal as well as in the assessment of the quality of air inside the house.

After the initial mold inspection and plan of remediation is layed out, mold removal can now takes place. Mold removal is the process of safely and meticulously removing mold infestation by qualified professionals. Mold removal is not an easy job and needs to be handled by an expert in order to ensure you and your family’s safety. QCI have personnel who are proficient on this field. Mold remediation services offered by QCI are antimicrobial surface cleaning and treatment, air and surface sampling, furniture and contents decontamination, HEPA Air Quality Test scrubbing, electrostatic air fogging, biocide cleaning of the ducts and carpets, mold inhibitors and encapsulants treatment. After mold removal, clearance testing is done to ensure that the plague has been totally eradicated.

Get Mold Removal Solutions by Eco Sense

Mold removal is not as easy as it sounds. Prevent mold infestation by keeping your house clean and dry at all times and allow air to circulate inside the house. If ever the plague is just a minor one, use proper techniques in removing it like wearing of eye shields, mask and gloves and use disinfectants. Call the experts if you think the mold is too much for you to handle, as they know what to do. QCI has 24 hour support that can help you with your mold problems.


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