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What Causes Water Damage

To prevent water damage, it is necessary to first understand what causes it. This article will discuss the visible sources of water damage, those that are easily detectable by the naked eye. Make sure you read the second section of this article to learn about the hidden sources of water damage. A thorough study of the subject will not only equip you with more effective tools for preventing water damage, but will also assist you in saving money through easy day-to-day maintenance suggestions that will maintain your house in good condition and protect its value. While some sources of harm are controllable and can be avoided with sufficient attention, others are unpredictable and hence cannot be avoided.

Rain water will collect around the foundations or beneath the floor during rainy seasons unless properly drained. While it is extremely difficult to limit the damage caused by rain water, it is feasible to mitigate its consequences.

Gutter & Drain: Clogged gutters will force rainwater beneath the shingles or allow water to seep down the inside walls. An insufficient number of drains can result in an overflow. Gutters must empty far enough away from foundation walls to avoid water accumulation, which can result in structural damage, a wet basement, or even foundation concerns.

Window and Door Installation: Improperly installed windows and doors cause water to seep into the wall. Windblown moisture intrusion can occur when seals around windows or doors are damaged. Thoroughly inspect your doors and windows, Biohazard Clean-Up especially during wet seasons.

Leaking Roofs: Aged roofing materials can allow water incursion and damage to the roof deck, particularly around chimneys and exhaust fans. Curled and cracked shingles allow moisture entry. Cracked chimney tops allow water to enter the chimney’s interior. Flat roof drains can clog and retain water on the roof, increasing the risk of a leak and possibly roof collapse due to the weight of the water.

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