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We are Kemove

As of 2023, KEMOVE has sold more than 100,0000 units worldwide, and has gained some recognition from customers and keyboard enthusiasts on social media.

Mr Li(Founder of KEMOVE brand)

At first, our founder Mr Li wanted a product that could be used as a brand. By chance, a friend pushed a mechanical keyboard inadvertently, so Mr Li started the keyboard road and started early. Starting from a 63-key mechanical keyboard, at the beginning of the process of making a mechanical keyboard, Mr Li found that it is not so easy to make a product that satisfies users, so Mr Li is constantly in-depth understanding of users Demand, Mr Li learned that high-end players in the keyboard market prefer customized keyboards with high playability and strong hands-on ability. Users also love more challenging mechanical keyboards, but such keyboard products Often the price is higher. In order to satisfy more users who like this kind of mechanical keyboard products, Mr Li insists on making the customized mechanical keyboard affordable for every gamer, creating a good-looking, fun, and good feeling that everyone can enjoy. Affordable keyboard products - KEMOVE brand was born.

KEMOVE philosophy - to make a customizable keyboard affordable for every gamer

KEMOVE goal - with confidence to make more and more consumers fall in love with

tkl keyboard

KEMOE mission—continue to build the first brand of mechanical keyboards​

From the birth of the concept of KEMOVE to the debugging and optimization of the keyboard, we have spent nearly three years: constantly optimizing the structure, hardware, and drivers. The dissatisfaction of each customer is the direction we must strive to learn and improve. In other words, KEMOVE keeps making progress, making breakthroughs, and optimizing continuously is our aim. We hope to be recognized by more and more people, and thank you very much for your attention. We hope that our customers can participate more and give us more valuable ideas and opinions.

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