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DK61 | How to Fix a Bluetooth Keyboard Didn’t Pair to Your Computer?

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Keyboards that use Bluetooth or any other form of wireless technology may have issues with the connection. They will not respond when you press it.You can try the following three methods to fix the problem.


Check your Bluetooth is turned on the right way

Make sure your device is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 or above.

  • Key: “FN+Z/X/C” to connect Bluetooth device
  • Long press “FN+ Z/X/C” for 6 seconds, Bluetooth enters pairing status, the indicator light flashes.
  • Short press FN+Z/X/C, the Bluetooth keyboard enters the reconnection state, the indicator light blinks slowly.

For example, key Z is paired, key X is not paired. Long press key X for 6 seconds, then the light corresponding to key X will enter the blinking state and enter the pairing state. If you need to pair for the 2nd time, please turn off the 1st paired device.  

Here is a Bluetooth guiding video.

Install Bluetooth repair firmware

For the Bluetooth issue, you can try to update the Bluetooth:(FOR WINDOWS)

Operation method:

2.1 The keyboard is connected to the windows device via Bluetooth.

2.2 Run the Bluetooth update program as administrator.

2.3 Wait for the update program to finish running.                                                                    2.4 Press FN+Z/X/C key for 6 seconds, use the device to search Bluetooth signal after the Z/X/C key keep flashing slowly.

Reset the keyboard

Long-press FN+Tab for 5 seconds to reset the keyboard to the factory settings

If you have tried all the suggestions above and your keyboard is still not working, please contact the after-sales department.

We will solve the problem for you.

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