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Foot Stand for Kemove DK61 Keyboard


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Just a little bit of change makes a big difference in how you feel.
The keyboard stand is used at the bottom of the keyboard.
It uses an ergonomic design, which allows you to enjoy comfortable angle and height during use,
which will help you to reduce tension from your wrists, forearms, and elbows.
Whether you’re gaming or typing, our keyboard stands keep your keyboard stable.
Don’t worry about the shaking of the keyboard and affect your game or work.Our Keyboard Stands use an All-black design, will not be obtrusive, and are easy to clean and install.Compatible with Kemove DK61 Snowfox and Shadow Keyboard.

Customer Reviews


Absolutely loving this board so far. Really no complaints at all in terms of build quality and functionality. It looks amazing and the keycaps are solid and well balanced.

Kevin Pickett

What can I say, this keyboard is amazing value for money, the keys and the housing are made of very high quality materials and the keys themselves are lubricated from the factory so you get a very satisfying and quiet typing/gaming experience.