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DK61 Snowfox | Shadow


Free Give White/Green/Yellow 3pcs Gateron Switches


60% Layout

More practical,free up more space for your desktop.

Wireless Wired

Using the Certified Bluetooth 5.1 technology.


Super standby time, much more durable the market.

3 Devices

Windows/Mac/IOS/Android Connection.

16.8M RGB

Software Real-time Interactive Lighting Effects .


Compatible with Windows/Mac/IOS/Android.

Best Experience

Softest touch keyboard. Amazing sound. High-level typing experience particularly suitable for personnel office and gamers. Portable device keep the needs of using from anywhere at any time.

Extreme Versatility

Be used wireless with Bluetooth 5.1(Windows/Mac /IOS /Android). 16.8 Million RGB Backlight Available. Music Reactive Mode & Per-Key Lighting Customization.Software Real-time Interactive Lighting Effects. Great budget-friendly options.

Durable and Reliable

Power switches can survive up to 50 million key strokes. Longer standby time. PBT double-shot Keycaps, metal fixed plate, 3000mAh Large Capacity, Loaded with features, KEMOEV stands out from the crowd.

Quality & Price

We focus on ensuring the best quality, excellent performance-price ratio and super-valued services are both great advisable options. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean excellent quality,but KEMOVE absolutely does.


Personalize your own function keys as you wish. The Onboard memory unit can store a slew of settings like macros, backlight effects and customized Fn combinations, and save the configuration to the keyboard, supports the use in Bluetooth mode.


Key Combination:

  • Connect a new device: Press “FN+ Z/X/C” for more than 6 seconds, the Bluetooth is in the pairing status when the indicator key is slowly flashing red and blue alternately. This keyboard is as “Kemove61M” on your device.
  • Reconnect devices: Short press FN+Z/X/C, the Bluetooth keyboard enters the reconnection status, the indicator light quickly flashes in blue.
  • FN+N = NKRO / 6KRO
  • FN+WIN = Lock/Unlock the WIN key
  • FN+Spacebar = Lock the FN key, unlock by pressing the Spacebar again
  • FN+BackSpace = Turn on/off RGB effect
  • FN+ Caps LK = Change static light colours (in static RGB mode)
  • FN+Enter for 5 seconds = Power saving mode, press again to exit

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg

Black, White


Blue Gateron Mechanical Switch, Brown Gateron Mechanical Switch, Red Gateron Mechanical Switch, Yellow Gateron Mechanical Switch

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