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DK61 | How to Connect Keyboard via Bluetooth on the WIN10 System?

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Recently, many friends asked us how to establish DK61 Snowfox / Shadow’s Bluetooth connection. I hope this article can solve the problems you encountered in using Bluetooth.


Turn on the Bluetooth of the computer

1.1 Click on the “Start” of WINDOWS in the lower-left corner.

1.2 Open “Settings” and click “Devices” in this list.

1.3 Click “Bluetooth & other devices”

1.4 Turn on the “Bluetooth” swi

Turn on the Bluetooth of DK61

2.1 Check the keyboard is in wired mode or Bluetooth mode.

To facilitate the judgment, we turn off the backlight first.

Observe the lighting status of the three keys on the keyboard “Z/X/V” .Suppose none of the three keys on the “Z/X/V” light. It means the keyboard is in wired mode.

2.2 Press “FN+Z” to turn on the Bluetooth mode of the keyboard.

The Z key is flashing blue quickly, indicating that the keyboard is in Bluetooth mode.

2.3 Long press “FN+Z” 6s will enter the Bluetooth pairing state.

When the blue and red lights of the Z key flash alternately, it indicates that the keyboard is in a Bluetooth pairing state

Add DK61 to your computer

3.1 In the Bluetooth setting, click “Add Bluetooth&other device”.

Next, click “Bluetooth” .

3.2 Find “KEMOVE61M” in the device list

It would be best to make sure that Bluetooth is in pairing mode. That is, the Z button flashes red and blue alternately.

3.3 Find “KEMOVE61M” and click connect

Your keyboard has been successfully connected now!

Also, you can check out the detailed tutorial through the video.

KEMOVE Snowfox/Shadow’s Bluetooth Connection to WIN10 system Tutorial.

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